Author : Ummu Ramees

Mom: Have you finished reading the book?

Son: Yes Mom. It’s very interesting. He is so great that he did a lot to change people’s lives.

Mom: Yes, my dear, we need to read such books to learn how to make our lives meaningful on Earth. Nowadays, you people are after fantasy books and ignore these kinds of real histories.

Daughter : But mom, these history books are so boring.

Mom: That is because you don’t read with the real purpose. You only mug up some dates and names to use in exams. You have to read to understand the lives of people and lands, their contributions and struggles for existence.

Son : Mom, I was not willing to read but when you told me I have to read, I just tried. I am so moved by the way he contributed to the world. But I am very disappointed and sad about myself.

Mom: Why my sweetheart? What happened?

Son : You see, he did a lot of great things which I can’t even think of.

Mom : Who said so? Don’t you switch off the lights and fans when you come out of your room? Don’t you close the taps after use at home and school? Don’t you share your food with your classmate whose father passed away last year?

Son : Ya, but they are normal acts. Nothing so great in that.

Mom: No, baby. Small things lead to perfection and perfection is not a small thing.

Daughter  : Ya, our teacher said that planting trees is a great act to bring change to the environment.

Mom   : Yes, even if it is a small plant, it makes the world better. And if you buy only the necessary things from your pocket money and save the rest and give it to charity, it will bring immense change in somebody’s life.

Son  : All these are OK Mom. Not that difficult. But do you watch the news these days? How they are killing the innocent poor children in Palestine? How can we celebrate Children’s Day without doing anything for them?

Mom  : Who said we can’t do anything? We can and we should. You see, when you see anything evil happening around you, you should try to stop it with your hands.

Daughter   : And if that is not possible with your words. Right mom?

Mom   :  Yes. If that also is not possible you must hate it in your mind and be away from it.

Son   :  That means we should do nothing.

Mom : No dear, we must pray to the Almighty for His help. That is something we all can do for anyone anywhere living or dead in all situations. But God will accept the prayers only when we have done whatever we could.

Daughter : I will write an article to express my feelings about it.

Mom  : Yes, my kids. Do what you can to make the world better, pray for everyone and as you grow you will find better ways to do greater deeds like those great personalities in history.


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