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A Story of Occupation and Resistance

The month of October has witnessed outright violence and oppression of Gazans, with an effective license to kill being granted to the occupying Israeli powers by Western countries who offer both implicit approval and explicit support to the Zionist regime. Aura covers some snippets of Palestinian women and children, as found on social media.

a Palestinian mother cradles her child

A Painting By Martyred Artist Heba Zaqout

A letter by a young Palestinian girl willing her possessions in the event of her death: “Hi, My name is Haya and this is my will: 1, My Cash, 80 Shekels : 45 go to mom, 5 to Zainah, 5 to Hashim, 5 to grandma, 5 to auntie Hiba, 5 to auntie Mariam, 5 to uncle Aboud and 5 to auntie Sara. 2, My toys and all other stuff to my friends Zaina, Rima, Minna, Amal and my sister. 3, My clothes to my cousins. What is left goes to charity. 4, My shoes go to the needy children, after cleaning them of course”.

Hamas leader Jamila Abdallah Taha Al-Shanti who was martyred by an Israeli strike on October 19th. Born in a refugee camp, she was the first female member of Hamas’ politburo. She held a PhD and was a faculty member at Islamic University, Gaza.

A painting by Mamoun al Shayeb, Palestinian-Syrian artist based in Sweden.

A painting by Irina Naji.


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