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Palestine, The Homeland Of The Prophets!
Some Were Born Here, Others Emigrated.
So Many Messengers Here, Converged.
Embraced This Land As Their Home Turf.
Some Breathed Their Last And Here, Lie Interred.
A Land Infinitely Blessed And Revered.
Here, Prophets Sulaimaan(AS) And Dawood(AS) Lived And Preached.
Far And Wide, Their Message Reached.
It Was Here, That Prophet Dawood(AS) Felled Jaaloot.
Here, Came Prophet Ibraheem(AS) And His Nephew Lut(AS).
On This Hallowed Sod, Centuries Ago, They Trod.
In This Very Town, Lived Prophets Ishaaq(AS), Yaqoob(AS) And Yusuf(AS).
Here, Prophet Ismail(AS) Lived For A Short While.
Whilst He Was Still, A Little Child.
Before Relocating To Mecca, That Was His Destiny;
Therein, Thrived And Prospered His Progeny.
Unto This Nation, Came Prophet Moosa(AS) With His Brother Haroon(AS).
The Pharaoh’s Army, In A Bid To Outrun.
The Almighty Commanded Moosa(AS) To Split The Red Sea.
And Set The Children Of Israel Free.
Here, Lived The Messiah Eisa(AS), Son Of Bibi Mariyam(AS).
On Him Was Conferred Honour And Wisdom.
On The Cross, He Certainly Did Not Succumb.
He Was Recalled By His Maker, The Glorious One!
Zechariah(AS) And His Son,
Yahya(AS) Dwelled Here Too.
Here, The Last Prophet, Muhammad ﷺ Passed Through.
During His Astounding Journey Of Mira’aj And Isra’a.
Rewarded With A View Of Al Quds And Al Aqsa’a.
Palestine, A Land That The Almighty Has Blessed;
Prophets And Kings, Made It Their Homestead.
The Message Of Allah, They All Spread.
A Righteous And Pious Life, They All Led.
Knowledge, Faith And Wisdom They Spearhead.
Here, They Were Buried When They Met Their Death.
Why Then Has This Terrain Witnessed So Much Carnage?
Humanity And Empathy Perpetually Held Hostage.
A Prosperous Land, Now Derelict;
A Long History Of Bitter Conflict,
Innocent Blood Here Lies Spilled.
As Israel Forcibly Occupies And Evicts.
But A Paradoxical Picture The Media Depicts.
They Paint The Victims As Aggressors and Terrorists.
And Bestow A Halo To The Brutal Zionists.
Generations Bear Testimony To A Brutal Feud.
Hatred, Mistrust And Venom Spewed.
This Was The Land Of Tranquil Harmony.
Until Israel Went On A Killing Spree,
Murdering And Maiming Ruthlessly,
While Their ‘Settlers’ Watch And Gloat With Glee.
The Oppressor Has The Temerity,
To Question Their Right To Ancestral Property.
Did You Expect Them To Bend Their Knee?
Crawl, Prostrate And Beg For Mercy?
The Naked Truth, Is Distraught,
For Lies Are Dressed, With Fancy Cloth;
A Minnow, Confronts A Mammoth;
Treading Along A Precarious Path,
Will You Pick up the Talmud?
Recall the Story of Prophet Dawud?
Referred by You as King David,
Who With A Single Slingshot,
Felled The Ruthless, Mighty Goliath!
To Avert A Certain Bloodbath!
Israel Has Unleashed A ‘Holocaust’,
Worse Than, The One That Haunts Its Past.
Hitler Too, Had Bitten The Dust,
As All Tyrants Some Day Must.
Unsung, Forgotten, His Cruel Power Lust;
A Befitting End To The Unjust.
Injustice Somewhere,
Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere.
Will The World Rise From Its Stupor?
To Challenge The Savage Grizzly Bear?
Or Will The Cowards Cease To Care?
Refuse To Empathise With Their Despair.
As Scores And Scores Of Their Martyrs;
Endure And Valiantly Face Massacre.
On Their Lips A Constant Prayer,
One That All Muslims Share.
The Triumph Of Truth And Divine Decree,
Of Hope, Resilience And Verily,
‘From The River To The Sea,
Palestine Will Someday Be Free!’
May The Lord Hear Their Pleas!!
And Raise Their Stature In Degrees.


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