Hadi picks up the cricket bat, “I’m going to play mama.”

Mama: Dear, come back at Asr time and pray after that. I have a meeting; I am attending the meeting.

Hadi: Ok mama.

Hadi quickly went to the field and played cricket with his friends until Asr. When he heard the call to Asr prayer, he picked up his bat and said goodbye to everyone. His friends stopped him, but he refused to stop. He went home and offered Asr prayer.

​Once the teacher did not come to the class, some of Hadi’s friends disturbed some of the children and fought among themselves; Hadi was sitting in his seat and was busy making some drawings in his copy.

Then his friends asked him, “Hadi, why are you not coming with us? Why are you not saying anything?” Hadi innocently replied, “My mama said not to disturb anyone or fight with anyone. So the friends said, “But your mother is not here, isn’t she?” Hadi said, “Mama says that I cannot see you always, but Allah always sees you.”

Hadi’s friends came to his house on Sunday and did their homework together. On the way to the market, Hadi’s mother told all the children that no one would play games until the homework was completed. After Mama left, the friends told Hadi, “Let’s play games for a while until your Mama returns, and then we will do homework.” But Hadi refused to play, and he said: “Mama says that Allah has told Mama to tell me good things and teach me good deeds, and if I do not obey those things, then Allah will be angry with me, and he will punish me not Mama and she says that Allah sees us everywhere and always.” Hadi’s friends listened to Hadi’s words very carefully and said that “then we will do our homework quickly and then we will play games” and Hadi’s friends also said that “from now on we will also obey everything our mama says and will do good deeds.”

And since then, Hadi and all of Hadi’s friends always believed that Allah was watching us.



    A beautiful read ????

  2. Noorishamim

    Good to read
    And I like hadi ,want to be hadi


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