A special day was about to unfold in the charming city of Gaza, where raindrops tap-danced on Khaleel’s window. Little Khaleel, usually not a morning person, found himself wide awake with excitement—it was the day of the school’s food festival!

Khaleel’s house buzzed with joy as he and his mother, the amazing Mrs Hajara, planned the perfect dish for the festival. The rain outside joined the happy rhythm, creating a cosy kitchen atmosphere.

Together, mother and son decided to make Musakhan rolls, a magical dish from Palestine. They dashed to the market, their umbrellas creating colourful patterns, to gather all the ingredients for their culinary adventure.

Back in the kitchen, Khaleel and Hajara transformed into kitchen wizards. With giggles and laughter, they cooked up a storm—caramelised onions, sumac spice, and roasted chicken, all snuggled in a blanket of taboon bread. Khaleel, the kitchen helper extraordinaire, took charge of cool cucumber yoghurt and salad, the sidekick to their star dish.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the aroma of Musakhan filled the air. It was more than just a dish; it celebrated family and tradition.

The next morning, with a heart full of excitement, Khaleel set out for the school festival. But wait! The day took a surprising turn when the cheerful sounds of firecrackers turned into something else—booms and bangs that were far from joyful. Outside his window, the once-filled-with-laughter city was now wrapped in uncertainty.

In this moment of confusion, Khaleel’s mom hugged him tightly and whispered a special prayer—a prayer for peace and comfort..

As the day unfolded, Khaleel found himself sharing Musakhan Rolls with new friends in a different kind of place—a place where joy and laughter were like precious treasures. In that humble corner, surrounded by friends, he realised that even when things seem tough, a delicious dish and a warm smile can make everything slightly brighter.

Hajara, watching her son share happiness, felt a sense of calm, just like historical figures from long ago, like Hajar and her son Ismail. Amid challenges, the spirit of friendship and the magic of Musakhan brought a ray of sunshine to the refugee camp.

And so, in the heart of a rainy city, where raindrops had turned into a tale of resilience, Khaleel and his friends discovered that a plate of Musakhan and a sprinkle of laughter could turn any day into a special adventure.


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