In the heart of the vast Amazon forest, renowned as the Earth’s lungs, there once dwelled a tiny daisy flower seed named Alex. Unlike any other seed, Alex sparkled with curiosity, exploring every hidden corner of the forest.

Once, while exploring, Alex saw some vibrant light coming towards him; he figured it was fire.

Suddenly filled with fear, he started burying himself deeper into the soil, afraid to face the unknown.

Many days later, when Alex came out, he found that the green forest now turned into ash.

The once eager explorer now gripped with fear, hesitated to confront the possibility of facing a similar fate again.

Every day, as the sun peeked on the horizon, Alex buried himself in the soil, stunting his growth out of fear of the unpredictable.

He would watch other seeds around him grow into beautiful flowers, reaching for the Sky with confidence.

One day, a group of hikers stumbled upon Alex’s hiding spot. Among them was a kind-hearted man named Pole, who noticed the timid seed cowering in the soil.

“Why do you hide, little one?” Pole asked, gently perching beside him

“I-I am scared”, Alex confessed.

“Scared of what, little seed?” he asked

“What if I grow tall and fail to protect myself from the unknown?” Alex replied.

The man smiled kindly and stated, “Growing is not about being perfect or the most beautiful; it is becoming the best version of yourself.” He added, “Every flower is unique in its way, the same way we humans are, so embrace yourself as you are, and the world will see your beauty.”

With Pole’s words echoing, Alex summoned his courage and began pushing through the soil. At first, it was hard and uncomfortable, but Alex grew stronger and taller with each passing day. The other flowers and trees noticed his growth and encouraged him to keep growing.

From that day, Alex assured himself that he would live every moment of his growth journey and appreciate the beauty of change and strength from facing fear.

As time passed, the forest again bloomed with vibrant colours. Alex became the symbol of courage and resistance for everyone who knew him.
His story inspired the other seeds to embrace their journey and never fear growing.

And so, the brave little seed named Alex blossomed into a beautiful daisy flower, reminding us that sometimes the greatest growth comes from facing our fears with courage and determination.


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