Category : POETRY

A slip.
On the wet kitchen floor…
A dip
Of the hand into the boiling pot..
A splash
Of hot tea onto the body..
A slice
Of skin cut from the finger while dicing
A crack
Of the back while lifting your toddler..
A bump
On the forehead, cupboard door above was in the way
A poke
While blowing into the stove’s fire
A sneeze
While dusting the home..
A cough
Because the hair is still wet after the bath at supersonic speed..
The heartburn
Because of the late meals..
The headaches
Because of the sleepless nights …

A million things going wrong
For the only careers in the world with no leave, perks, appreciation or pay..
Fatherhood, Motherhood, Grandparenthood!
But then a few million things go right..
The family is well..
They have a roof over their heads ..
And food on their plates ..
Love for each other ..
And hope for a better day tomorrow ..
So, while a million things could go wrong …
And they do at times..
There’s always another million that goes right…
We thank you, Our Lord…


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