So many love stories happen and remain untold,
but the one that touches the heart has its own words to say.
Her love for the Lord
Is nothing compared to his?
Her eyes always wanting to look at the Creator.
Her heart, waiting for the moment when
his veil is lifted off, and she sees him just like the eyes seeing the moon.
Woah! How beautiful will he be ‘The Great’?
The paradise full of happiness will look nothing in front of his sight.
Her heart fills with joy when the discussion of meeting him takes place and refreshes her love like a plate washed again.
His love for her cannot be expressed.
His attributes and names fill the heart with love.
No day goes by, and they don’t remember each other.
It satisfies her that her existence is
because of His will.
The wanting to meet Him grows every day,
but she knows that no one has seen Him till this day.


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