Thank you Gaza for humbling the world @auramag
Author : Farheen Shah

We say to the children of Gaza before anyone else: “Thank you” for showing us what true strength and resilience mean in today’s era. To the women of Gaza, we say “Thank you”. We saw you burying your children with gratitude. Rather than complaining to Allah, you raise your hands and supplicate, “ Oh Allah, continue taking from our blood till You, our Creator, Our Originator, are pleased with us! “
To the men of Gaza, we say “Thank you” for showing us that death is not the end for people who have eeman (true faith) and belief. Such people, with the flame of eeman, can never be defeated.
“Thank you” for helping us comprehend the verses of the Quran, which we previously could not understand explicitly until we saw you. “Thank you” for igniting the hearts of two million Muslims around the world, the fear of no human being but Allah(swt).
“Thank you” for reminding us at a time when we thought that the Ummah of Islam had died. You have just shown us that the ummah does not only have a pulse, but the same ummah is brimming with life.
Here are the keys that I could unlock to being a resilient Palestinian and a true believer:
1) Yaqeen(trust in God) – These Palestinians are imbursed with certainty, deep faith, confidence, and trust in Allah. Despite the deprivation of basic amenities such as food, water, fuel, and electricity, they are content and happy because they know their Lord is on their side. Nothing can harm them unless He wills.
2) Obodiyah- Subservience to Allah based on the certainty in Him. The mosques that were demolished by Israeli attacks are brimming with Muslims, who are still prostrating and offering salah(prayers) in huge numbers amidst the rubble.
3) Tasleem(peaceful state of mind and heart) -Submission and complete acceptance of Allah’s decree. These people are all gathered together in one room, the women always wearing prayer clothing, ready and expecting to be bombed at any time, with the hope that they can all die together.
4) Tawakkul—reliance wholly and solely on their Originator. Some kids take pride in their family members’ attainment of martyrdom.
The kids, young and old, men and women, are seen spending their time reading the Quran(The Holy Book), praying to God, and wishing for a resolution. For them, victory is not a probability but rather a fact promised by Allah. They are unafraid of death because death, to them, means being a martyr. And martyrs ought to be in Paradise, with the permission of Allah.
5) Taqwa (Piety and devotion towards Allah) – losing their loved ones is only making them more robust in their faith. Allah is smiling at them from above and marvelling at their love for Him. One cannot imagine the fact that Allah may be so busy mentioning the names of His patient slaves to His angels high up in the skies.
6) Rida(satisfaction or complete contentment with different life events and the decree and Will of Allah )-A mother lost a three-month-old infant. Another woman lost the only child that was bestowed on her after 13 years. Yet we see them praising and thanking Allah with utmost sincerity.
7) Love for Allah and His creations. They expect only Allah’s pleasure and fear that their sacrifices to please Him will be accepted. The people credit their actions with the teachings of “Islam” ( a religion of peace and submission) and the morals of all the Prophets and Messengers.
8) You- Last but not least, the last ingredient in this mind-boggling resilience is “You” as an individual. We, as individuals, can be their voices. On the day of “Resurrection “, when you shall stand before your Lord, you can say with your head high, “ I did my part of standing with the oppressed” “ instead of lamenting and crying in despair over the videos of the broken Palestinians, I sought the truth and disseminated this very truth to the people around me.
The sight of a brother reprimanding his dying younger brother to recite the Shahada as he is taking his last breaths, ready to embark on a journey to a different realm. Where the angels are prepared to gently shroud these pure dying souls in fragrant, satin silk shrouds, all these eyebrow-raising deeds are by “His Taufeeq, His Hidaya for His beloved Palestinians”!
We hope that the Palestinians become the confirmed residents of Paradise in sha Allah. But the real test narrows down to us and all the nations and powerful countries watching them. Time is running out for the people of Gaza. You do not have to be a “Muslim” to stand up for Gaza. You just have to be a simple “Human Being” with a heart of empathy and compassion.


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