Category : POETRY
Author : Vania Syed

Vania Syed is a 19-year-old English Literature student, a published poet, an avid reader and a book reviewer. Her first book was

The things unspoken,
Leave hearts broken,
Hidden behind sealed lips,
Dead soul and blood drips,
Things we keep inside our hearts,
Dare not reveal or impart,
Things that only we perceive,
Veiling, many hearts we deceive
The tales that we hold so dear,
Accountable for the souls they tear,
Everything we keep concealed,

But anticipating the time it reveals,
It is a mystery of humankind,
One that makes us blind
Secrets we cannot tell,
Preparing to take them to hell,
Keep holding these secrets tight,
Carry them in the dead of night,
Before they get lost
In the puzzles of the world,
Adore and cherish them,
Before they are heard.


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