Author : Ummu Ramees

Ummu Ramees is an educator, trainer and language expert

Babu: Hi Sonu, how are you?

Sonu: What a surprise! Why are you here?

Babu: Come on Sonu. Why can’t we also come here? Actually, you are the motivation for us to come here.

Sonu: Really?

Babitha: : Yes, we are regular followers of you. Your reels are so good on Instagram. The video on the sumptuous food from here which you had with your family last week is so tempting that we somehow convinced our parents to take us here.

Mom: Yes, yes. The reel is so good that even we felt like coming here.

Baba: (murmuring to be heard only by his wife) Even though it’s not within our financial capacity.

Sonu: But the food here is not that tasty. And very expensive too.

Baba: Come on, boy. Maybe we are not as rich as your father to take our children to a five-star restaurant every day. But once in a while we can.

Supervisor:You are standing here? Come inside. People are waiting. Clean the tables quickly.

Sonu: Sorry sir. (Sonu hurried inside and started cleaning the tables)

Baba: So, that’s the secret of those reels. They are not real. The real life of Sonu is what we have seen now.

Mama: But what about those reels? They show the table full of food items of different types and very colourful too.

Babu: Ha, mama, I asked him. He said that, after serving food to the customers he takes videos and then uploads with slight editing which make them look like it’s he who is eating. And the restaurant people encourage it because it is a sort of free advertisement for them.

Babitha: So, that is the difference between reels and real life.

Babu: Sorry baba, you have to spend so much and the food is not at all tasty.

Baba: You are not taking pictures for your status?

Babu: No, no. I don’t want to misguide anyone.

Mama: That’s like a good boy. Let’s live in the real world and enjoy what we can afford. And misguiding people is a sin.

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  1. Umm e Haaniya

    Story is beautiful lly woven .Moral of the stroy will definitely open eyes of the blind followers of reels .


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