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Maliha is a high school graduate and currently pursuing medicine. She is an artist, writer and poet, writing on personal development, faith and current affairs.

It brings potions for a poet
A lovers amulet
And solace for wanderers
August is dizzy for me.
When I dig up the dust
I find remnants of carrier pigeons
With their immortal message
That’d fall this year.
August reminds me of yesterday’s moon
A golden piece above a dark night
Though not like stars and constellations
But it gives hope to us.
August is a sign of dimly lit rooms
A lantern hanging from broken wood
Sweet bread, cosy sky
And autumn glancing from the corner of earth’s eye.
August brings silence
Through crushing raindrops
And gushing winds
And I hold my shawl around my shoulder a little tighter
Standing beside a rock on the sand of a lonely beach – barefooted
Watching a ship sail far away
Very far away – gradually diminishing
And now vanished just like my life
I can neither turn back nor move forward
I just want to stay here – motionless
Because it’s peaceful
Under the august eve.


  1. Sana saiyed

    Mashallah ?

  2. Sahil

    It’s amazing poetry
    It seems like you have such a magical pen at your home, huh?

  3. Sabina durani

    Masah Allah

  4. Zara Surti



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