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Sorry, my child…
Even at times of threat and troubles…
You were taught to heal but not to flee…
In vain were your countless hours and
endless struggles..
Stripped out of your joyful youth by a
community insane…
For whom you bartered all your happiness,
for their concerns that were feigned..
For all that patience you wrung out when
roused from your precious sleep..
For all those hunger pangs you endured in
the name of ‘care’ that you were supposed
to keep..
Those days when you were smudged with
pus, blood and others that had a stench…

We deluded you that with the world’s love
and respect, you will drench..
They never knew that every wound you
Were at the cost of your time, youth, energy
and sanity for a society so regressed…
Sorry, my child…
the world and its system might have
betrayed you..
But our hearts will bleed forever…
You shall remain as bright as the morning
And we will fight for justice afar…
‘Cause it’s You today… And Us Tomorrow….

Vandana Das, a medical doctor, was murdered in Kottarakkara, Kerala, on 10 May 2023. She was stabbed to death while on hospital duty by a crime suspect who was brought to the Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital by the police.


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