Some stone-pelters, some hate settlers,
Swords in their hands, eyes covered with bands,
Bands of darkness and illiteracy,
Hate, brutality and their conspiracy,
They dance and laugh, with no issues,
They sing while drunk half, no issues,
But in front of us shouting aloud,
Overshadowing like a black horrible cloud,
Terrifying people with their hate delivery,
Inside to outside lack of bravery,
Showing their gutlessness in front of prayer
Like some big hyenas shouting on shorts.

Is this a way to celebrate a festival?
Is that what you call democracy and all?
Just to disturb someone’s prayer and cheer?
Love, brotherhood under oppression and bear?

So sit aside and keep quiet,
Let me show you another sight,
A festival is ought to be celebrated,
By spreading love, not hatred,
Standing alongside by side,

With unity, dignity, love and pride.
And to not pollute the atmosphere,
Neither by firecrackers nor fear.
To do not disturb anyone’s prayers,
Neither becomes hate mongers nor oppressors.

Do sacrifice but be tidy,
Cause dirt is not liked by the Almighty.
Give out charity,
meat and be hidey,
While you’re cheering don’t forget the needy.
Spread love all over the nation,
Live and let survive the religion,
All shall live in peace and harmony,
That’s the purpose and desirable destiny.

When you’ll pray and eat together,
And you’ll please each other,
Then there’ll be no room for hate and fear,
God will forgive the crimes we bear
That’s the way to cheer,
Love can make our society incredible,
That’s how to celebrate a festival.


  1. Bazegha

    Lots of love 💖

    • Slave Of ALLAH

      Ma Sha’ALLAH wa Barak ALLAH 👍

      May ALLAH S.W.T. keep you in his Hifaazat and grant you best always And guide you to the best of knowledge and make you steadfast on the same and grant you success in both worlds and reward you for your efforts… Ameen summa Ameen

  2. Rafey Islam

    Great Poetry

  3. Meharban Ali



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