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At the banks of an ocean sat
An eagle and a curious cat.
What such big water meant
Of that, both were ignorant.
Satisfied the eagle seemed
Cat on gushing waters leaned.
And then the cat to the eagle said:
“Sitting back is I think bad
We should explore this world in front
Let’s see what mystery we confront.
” Then the cat heard the eagle’s cry:
“I am the hero of the sky
Each day new skies unfold
Each day untold mysteries unfold.
But at the end of every day
I know a sky untouched lay.
Yet I satisfied remain
One day that sky I will gain.
Maybe my present power of flight

Could not take me beyond that height.
” But cat – the animal of land
How she could but understand.
She had no satisfaction known
Just curiosity she had known.

All worlds she conquered she thought
No world lies beyond she thought.
Could not take Eagle’s advice
Could not at that point be wise.
Jumped and vanished out of sight
Eagle remained satisfied.
“Satisfaction brought him back
Curiosity killed the cat.


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