Nuha Maryam Chakwa, from Vaniyambadi, Tamilnadu wants you to know – If we talk about people who are gifts, not every gift will be a gift all the time, some unwrapping of gifts, some openings, and some utilisations will be trials too…

Life is a complexly architectured building, built exclusively for each one of us. It comes with people, as fully furnished trials and gifts, all designed and executed by the Almighty. Whether you attribute it to “Qadr” or the will of Allah, the people who enter, stay, or exit our lives are part of this complex design made by Allah. While we try to live in this complex building of life, some people who join us become the trials that Allah employs to test our resilience, while others are the precious gifts that enrich our journey.
From the outset, differentiating between these trials and gifts can be challenging. During the initial stage of meeting any individual, we are rarely able to determine which relationship will be marked by hardship and which will bring us boundless joy. It’s a mystery that unfolds over time, an enigma that keeps us guessing. What seems like a gift today may reveal itself as a trial tomorrow, and what seems like a trial today may reveal itself as a gift tomorrow. We do not know which trial we might have to keep going through until death arrives and we aren’t mostly aware of the gifts we might lose on the way. This complex building of life may also compel us to give up on some trials and let go of some precious gifts. On the other side, gifts often come disguised as trials and trials come disguised as gifts. As humans, it takes us a keen eye to recognise the blessings within challenges & it takes a few breaks of heart to spot the trial.
Living in this complex building is not a piece of cake. People are a part of life. They will be with us till our death, whether they are gifts or trials and we like it or not. Relationships, connections and even the mere presence of people hold our building together. Every individual who visits us in our building leaves a memory, a scent, a reminder or anything behind. We cannot avoid it.
If we talk about the people who are on trial, approaching them with grace is certainly an option. Realising that these trials are not meant to break us but to shape us into stronger, more resilient individuals is more important than failing or passing the trial. However, these trials leave behind a deeper sense of self.
If we talk about people who are gifts, not every gift will be a gift all the time, some unwrapping of gifts, some openings, and some utilisations will be trials too.

Another bittersweet reality of living in this building is that not every gift is worth holding onto. The impermanence of these gifts is proof that circumstances may prompt us to let go of certain treasures.

However, with each gift and each trial, we become worthy of living in this building. The individual that we continue to become with each experience, teaches us the art of living.  Approaching trials with gratitude and grace allows us to outshine difficulties and become victorious individuals. What may initially feel like an obstacle might unfold into a beautiful gift in the end. The key lies in cultivating patience and faith during challenging times, trusting that every trial conceals a hidden gift waiting to be uncovered. The ebb and flow of life also demands a delicate balance when it comes to holding onto gifts. The relationships, opportunities, and moments of joy are fleeting. Learning to release attachments gracefully, without bitterness or regret, is an art that leads to inner peace. It’s essential to acknowledge that not every gift is a permanent fixture, and not every trial is an insurmountable obstacle. Life is a constant flow of experiences, each playing a role in our personal and spiritual growth. These trials and gifts also challenge us to view our experiences through a spiritual lens. Instead of viewing challenges as mere obstacles, we are encouraged to see them asopportunities for spiritual refinement. The elation acquired from the gifts is magnified when we recognize them as blessings from the Architect of the complex building of our life. It is certain and apparent that both, gifts and trials, are essential for us to live in this building. Each contributes heavily to our ultimate destination, the Hereafter. Nonetheless, the ultimate goal is not merely to endure trials or savour gifts but to harmonize both in a way that pleases the Giver


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