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Aura takes pride in presenting its 35th issue, depicting the perception of a blissful married life that ensures harmony in union. The success of a marriage thrives on the ability of both partners to adapt and grow together. It flourishes with proper communication and understanding. It becomes a blessing with forgiveness, willingness to compromise and appreciation towards each other. Such a blissful marriage further lays the foundation for a strong family. A strong family alone can give rise to a secure and civilised society. Our team has comprehensively discussed this topic with their expert insights.

This issue of Aura has a great lineup of intriguing topics on human psychology, the power of the subconscious mind, and not forgetting the unending atrocities on Gaza, the regular columns and an exciting children’s corner. We hope our readers will have a very delightful reading. Aura always anticipates the comments and critiques of its readers and admirers.

With the completion of the consecration ceremony at Ayodhya, the ruling party seems to have taken India a step ahead in shedding another thread of its secular fabric. Muslims in India have chosen not to cower in fear, rather they chose to be indifferent to it while invoking the necessary question of justice. However, a significant number of Hindus and peace-loving members of the country have either seen it as a politico-religious efforts to garner landslide victory in the upcoming elections or have felt that their religious sentiments have been hurt by consecrating an incomplete temple. Hoping that every Indian with a conscience would work towards minimising the crackling sound of the pluralistic and inclusive foundation of India being destroyed. Another fact that has been criticised by political observers is with regards to the changing religious iconography in the renewed push of Hindutva, where deities are depicted in highly masculine, even aggressive styles, which has been echoed in the social media videos and songs dedicated to the consecration and the broader political project. These have significant effects on the youth and the values they seek to emulate.

February also comes with the painful memory of the Gujarat pogrom of 2002. The cruelty and barbarism of communal violence still haunt the survivors and every responsible citizen of the nation. The horrific incident is again afresh with the recent development of the Bilkis Bano case. The Supreme Court has ordered the criminals who were released unlawfully to be sent back to jail soon. The convicted criminals have now appealed for an extension to surrender. Laws and law systems may have their loopholes everywhere. The criminals and the authorities supporting them will always be looking for loopholes. It is always a struggle for power and dominance, with justice and conscience on the opposite side. It should be remembered that we live in a world where crime and lawlessness are institutionalised. This issue talks extensively about the recent developments in the Bilkis Bano case, as Aura always stands for truth and justice and continues to be the voice of the oppressed.

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