Author : Ummu Ramees

Shyla : What a bad luck! I really wanted to come with you all for the picnic. But I couldn’t.

Zoya : You are lucky. Do you know what happened? We had a very bad time. All of us had to suffer a lot.

Shyla : Hey come on. Don’t tell lies. I saw the videos and pictures of you guys enjoying.

Zoya : That was at the beginning of the trip. How much time do you need to take pictures and videos? The fact is, the bus broke down and we had been waiting and waiting on the road. It was at that time we took them.

Shyla : But they all look awesome. The scenery is also very good.

Zoya : We were just two kilometres away. They were the scenes from above the bridge.

Shyla : You mean the bridge we cross every day?

Zoya : Ya exactly.

Shyla : But I never felt them to be so enchanting.

Zoya : That’s because they are so near to us and we see them every day. But we never watch or observe them. Just because we were stranded on the road and we had nothing else to do we recorded them. That’s it.

Shyla : You all were looking so happy in the pictures. Still, why do you say I am lucky that I didn’t join?

Zoya :  I told you that was only the beginning of our journey. We were just posing for the pictures and trying to look cheerful. But later on, we had a very tough time.

Shyla : Why?

Zoya : It took hours for the mechanic to come and repair. By then all the food storage was over. We were all feeling so hungry that we started searching in others’ bags and that ended up in some fights also.

Shyla : But you all paid for the food. You were supposed to get it on the way, right?

Zoya : Yes, but the bus broke down at a place where no hotel was there. And by the time it got repaired and we reached the nearby town, most of the hotels were closed and the ones open had nothing enough for all of us.

Shyla : You people could have ordered online.

Zoya : Ya, this we requested our teachers. But they were like, “It will finish now, it will finish now, ordering for so many people is not possible, we have already booked at a good hotel on the way etc.”

Shyla : To be brief, you all had to starve. But that’s OK for a night. Still, you people would have enjoyed a lot after reaching there.

Zoya : That is the unluckiest part. We reached there but it was late. Very late. By then the entry into all the important places were closed.

Shyla : Oh, that is so unlucky. I was imagining you people enjoying there. And when my parents saw me moody, they took me to the nearest park and I enjoyed a lot with my little brother.

Zoya : You are very lucky that your parents decided not to send you. We all were so disappointed that the whole bus was very silent on our way back. Many of us fell sick. Teachers too.

Shyla : But I have one more doubt. You shared some beautiful pictures. How did you get them?

Zoya : Those we purchased from outside.

Shyla : Really? Now I understand what my dad always says. Do not assume that anyone is lucky or unlucky just by seeing the photos or videos they share on social media.

Zoya : Absolutely true.


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