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Yet another eventful year comes to an end, leaving the world on a threshold of new beginnings, renewed hopes and refreshed enthusiasm. 2023 witnessed a whirlwind of events – triumphs and tribulations that make it imperative to pause, reflect and embrace novel perspectives to create a brighter tomorrow.
The past year witnessed many ups and downs for women both in India and in the international arena. While women in India welcomed the passing of the long awaited Women’s Reservation Bill that reserves 33% seats for them in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies, they also woke up to learn about a horrific sex-selective abortion racket in Karnataka that killed more than 900 female foetuses in three years. Countless such cases from all over the country come to light every now and then sending a message to women that their very right to existence is at stake. In spite of numerous legislations and laws, this atrocious, cold blooded crime is meted out unabated.
Till date, Gaza is ruthlessly being suffocated and needs continuous attention from the international community. Israel seems to have no intention of ending its onslaught on the Palestinian people and is running amok with its apartheid and oppression. As always the Palestinian people have risen in unison, fearlessly challenging the atrocities and setting a tremendous example of unparalleled resistance and resilience. The BDS movement that has gained momentum lately has triggered the collective consciousness worldwide and made Israel fearful of a shift in global public opinion regarding their legitimacy. This movement needs to gain more popularity and garner massive support everywhere.
This fresh issue of Aura presents a review on the situation of human rights in 2023 and rewinds the events of the past year focusing on women centered milestones and adversities. Aura commemorates the Republic Day of India reminding the importance of upholding the constitutional values amidst the pomp and celebrations of the day. A line up of many interesting topics along with the regular columns awaits our curious readers’ perusal.
As we look ahead to the coming year with optimism, there is a dire need to approach it with a collective commitment of making this world a place of endless possibilities. A place where positivity thrives, empathy prevails, understanding grows, dreams are pursued, differences are appreciated, inclusiveness is celebrated and humanity triumphs.
We at Aura relentlessly solicit the comments and critiques from our readers and admirers with an open mind, reflecting on our past journey. Aura remains dedicated to being the voice of the unheard, influencing the thoughts and minds of people and aspires to leave an indelible mark on its readers and on society at large.


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