Looking at the calendar, I wonder and ponder ;
My struggles to survive and my failures to thrive;
As a new page unfolds the calendar, It is a reminder ;
That time is fleeting while am still breathing;
I am thinking of my past as the time is going so fast;
Taking me in a spin, barely a year has passed and I realise that nothing ever lasts;
Watching the clock tick, with each second click;
Time passes from dawn to dusk as I recount my smiles from painful miles;
Whatever my fate, whether I am early or late; I know that time doesn’t wait;
With renewed hope, leaving behind an old treasure, with all new pleasure;
I enter January with Almighty’s glory;
May every story of mine become a visionary and an exemplary;
In February I carry each mystery in my gallery,
But I feel it’s too early for a victory;
I take it up a notch in March;
As I try to light a torch with a thrilling style to scorch;
As I travel into April,
I struggle to be more simple and humble;
Feeling a lurch of dismay, I pave through May,
I stay away from the grey, beautiful self I do portray;
Soon arrives June with a beautiful tune of monsoon;
I try to pick up every blessing and boon as fortune comes once in a blue moon;
Now as I fly to July and think on whom to rely
I comply to my heart’s reply;
I try not to cry as I self-purify and personify;
With the mist of August, I wish to be more honest and modest;
As I now trust that life is just a test before you go deep into the crust;
Coming forth are September, October and November,
I once again remember as I move into December
I have no such calibre, but it is He, the provider and the sustainer ;
The Protector and the Creator, the best of the planners;
Through the passing time, Now I do believe that the Almighty can break me or make me;
He is the one who can move me from shame to fame, sorry to glory;
He is the one who can make me sad or glad, turn my fears & tears into smiles in the upcoming years;
As I move from January to December, I do Remember;


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