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I wish I could show you, All the things that I have seen. Hold tight your hand, lead you; To all the places that I’ve been. I wish I could hug you and never let you go. But life has come knocking at your wee little door. Adventures don’t happen sitting safe by the shore. You need to dive in, defy the tide, and explore. I wish I could warn you of the perils ahead. The thorns, the prickles where my feet had bled. But it’s your journey, you’ve got to make your own bed. I’ll be the guide who inspires, not filling you with dread. I wish I could cushion you whenever you fall. For fall you will, there are hazards for all. I wish I could be there to drag you up and haul, When the going is tough and you bend and crawl. I wish I could wipe your tears when you’re downcast. When you’re haunted by some ghosts of the past. But I pray, you’ll grapple your fears, to unfurl your mast For, misery and sorrow, how long can they last? I wish I could be your pillar whenever you fail. There is no guarantee of success on the trail. Victory isn’t an echelon up for sale. Persevere, endeavour and the Truth shall prevail. Know that Allah is Watching and He Never Sleeps. A precise record of His slaves He keeps. Believe and do good, a just reward one reaps. Race towards Him in bounds and leaps. I wish I could do all this, And shield you from the strife. But then I’ll be depriving you, Of the valuable lessons of life. You must master them on your own, hard they may be. Wisdom cannot be exchanged for a handsome fee. Knowledge is as wide and as vast as the sea. And you’ll always have a guardian, a mentor in me


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